Fringe – Season 3 Premier – Olivia

Team Red or Team Blue?

Team Red or Team Blue?

Straight back in where we left off, only days have past since the Opera House.
Olivia is being brainwashed. Escapes. Doesn’t escape at all. Walternate acts all nefarious. Water acts all Walter. Peter loves Fauxlivia.

Brilliant acting by Anna Torv (go Aussie!) and Andre Royo
Fantastic plot development.
Red episode (for non-fans Red means the alternate universe).
Lots of throw away shots and comments for Red.
Acevedo’s Charlie Francis.

Wonder how I am going to empathise with Red.
How can Peter not tell?
Whole week till the next ep.

Fringe was slow to start, so stick with it if you gave up. Season 2 is awesome and Season 3 is set to be a game changer.



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