Smallville – Season 10 Premier – Lazurus

To quote Jor-El “meh.”

Oh sure tease us that it will be good at the end of the season.

This week:
Clark lives. Lois knows but pretends she doesn’t. Everyone survives. Big bad coming. Clark gets new threads but Daddy takes them away. “Oh Hi there Lex.” Chloe saves Oli. Clark acts emo.

The show is back.
Chloe gets close to Naboo.
Lois finally knowing yet playing it cool.

Duller than white dog shit.
All about Clark whinging and self doubting.
Tom Welling trying to act.
<15 mins till a male hot bod on display.
Nothing happened.

Whereas the season opener for 9 was brilliant, couldn’t wait to watch and see how things transpired, this was a big package of nothing.



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