Nikita – Kill Jill

This week:

Even though I weigh 45kg I can kick your butts

Airlines can be nasty. Nikita attempts to ruin yet another plan of The Division. Alex is instrumental in helping (both The Division and Nikita). Landscape of sneakiness has to change.

Solid character development of both Nikita and Alex.
Some kick arse action scene – hello dislocated shoulder.
Not the standard “target/mission” story.
Good to see the recruits do more than train.

Still formulaic at times.
Shane West’s (Michael) non-distinct look annoys me .
Overall arc didn’t really progress much.
Maggie Q needs a sandwich.

Nice premise, really growing into a solid stand alone show.  I find myself looking forward to show with a strong female lead, a strong female second character and a strong female supporting character. And nary a romance plot in sight.



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