Dexter – Series 5 Return – My Bad

Heartbreaking as history repeats itself

This week:
Picks up right where we left off last season. It was just as bad as we all thought it would be. Feelings and grief drive people, all people to make questionable choices.

Outstanding acting across the board.
Excellent development of Dexter Morgan as a character and as a man.
Fantastic backstory with Rita and Dexter.
The Dark Passenger.

I will get back to you.

All in all an outstanding return to Dexter. Made me cry. This is going to be an challenging season to watch as Dexter comes to grips with his humanity. I want to give it #fivepandas but need somewhere to go.



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2 responses to “Dexter – Series 5 Return – My Bad

  • Simon Band

    I interviewed Jeff Lindsay, and he made the point that in the books, Dexter was closer to Astor and Cody because of their violent up bringings than his own child, because they were also “Born in Blood”, and his own child never would be. Seems like the TV show is interested in doing the opposite.

    • howmanypandas

      True Simon, however the show has strayed away from the books very strongly in more ways than just this. However, I do think that Dexter is close in his own way – maybe this season. If you haven’t read them, BCC Library have them all. Get in before it screens again and ppl book them. Good luck for the show tomorrow night.

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