Review – Stargate Universe – Season 2 Premier – Intervention (3)


Just another bad day onboard Destiny


This week:
Destiny and its crew are in danger. The naughty people who dropped in unannounced are in danger. TJ has an experience. Chloe questions. A revelation opens all new questions.

Chloe development.
Rush having bigger balls than Young.
TJ’s revelation.

Felt skew-wiff  for almost all of the episode.
Varro development 0 surprise.
Telford was a bit meh.

After the frantic feel of the season cliff hanger, I found it hard to get into the rhythm of this episode with three story lines going on, one at a totally different pace. That being said, it ended strong and set up this season nicely. The choice of song for the close really transferred the emotion.


UPDATE: It seems that a lot of people have been searching for that great end song… so here it is via Patrick Gilmore’s Twitter account @patrickgilmore


song intervention SGU

Thanks Mr Gilmore



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