Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Ohana


Bitch! No you are a bitch! You are, bitch!

This week:
iPhones assist in the plot development. There is a case. The team works together taking on different tasks to solve it. Hair pulling ensues. McGarrett says “Book him Dano,” and then some schmaltzy American stuff.


Chick fight!
Awesome one liners!
Rollicking good story.

Let’s examine this crime scene without gloves!
Let’s look at the traffic camera that conveniently don’t record the traffic!
Why does the female character have to babysit when they acknowledge how great Dano is with kids?
Weird American shit at the end about being patriotic and stuff.

This show is really going to be a lot of fun – I do like how they poke fun at themselves. Quite an enjoyable 40 odd minutes.



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