Review – HellCats – Nobody Loves Me But My Mother

It took 4 episodes but they finally let me sing!

This week:
Savannah and Dan reassess their relationship. Marti is all whingy annoying. Alice is all needy. Lewis is conflicted. Marti sings.

Some more character development for Savannah.
Just enough cheer action to make it watchable.
Interesting throw away sentence about Marti’s mum’s backstory.

No surprises with any of the characters’ revelations.
The family scene was SO overworked.
Terryl Rothery’s Southern accent was worse than when we tried to do it at high school.
Too much trying to make it not a kid’s show.
Not a whole lot happened.

The story inched along, but was mainly focused outside of cheering and centred around the supporting characters and the mother daughter dynamic yet again. Enough already. We get it. I can’t see me going back for more than one more… I am sure that in the States and amongst teens this is going great, but I am giving it one more week. HellCats, you are on notice.



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