Review – Caprica – Unvanquished



Silver Hot Pants Anyone?


This week:
Religion. Questions. Bargains. Deadwaker. Silver hot pants and Murder.

Final twist at end, not the second final one, the final one.
Two plans, one objective.
Female Pope.

et tu Clarice?
Unrealistic fight scene.
Only one turn of the episode surprised me.
Totally wasted James Masters.
Very slow (even for Caprica).

Yes Caprica moves at a pace that makes Rubicon look like a Ferrari, but I like the questions it asks. Also when it does move, the pace takes your breath away. I especially like the idea of a man made heaven, a guarantee for an investment (spiritual and financial) – which is what the church has been doing for centuries on both levels. Also what is it that makes us human? This was a great ongoing underlying journey within BSG and I do like the way it is being approached in Caprica.



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