Review – Stargate Universe – Aftermath



It is always brightest before the dark.



This week:
Deception. Survival. Illusion. Lies. Euthanasia. Loss

Emotional journey of Young.
No romance subplots.
Return to grey.
Lucian Alliance motivation.

Way too much Rush.
Telford remains “Meh.”

One of the things I really liked about SGU when it found its feet from “Time” onwards, are the layers of grey within each character. What makes you a good person? There are no white or black hats in this show. On either side of the divide there are reasons, good reasons, to make the choices you do, whether others agree with them or not. No one has a good day on Destiny – I would like to see a break from this formula or an episode focused on the minor characters. I think there is a lot of depth there that we are yet to plumb.



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