Review – Community – The Psychology of Letting Go

Community Oil Wrestling Annie and Britta

Oh look! Two hot chicks oil wrestling to save dolphins. Awwww

This week:
Death. Lava lamps. Force fields. Religions with lasers. Skinny bitches. Oil wrestling. Icecream.

Gulf Oil Spill diorama.
Rivalry between Brita and Annie.
Britta and Annie wrestling in oil.
Pierce’s religion.
Professor Duncan and Changs interactions.

Just too many stories.
Lack of depth into Jeff’s own mortality.
Not enough Abed.

This wasn’t Community’s best episode ever (tie for Paintball and Halloween) as there was just SO much going on, but it delivered some classic moments that will certainly stay with me and any viewer for some time. Even though it wasn’t outstanding, it is still the best comedy around. I know I keep saying it but Community is really the best show you probably aren’t watching.
On a side note, I am thinking there must be a huge Abed centric episode coming up as he has been background for the previous two eps.



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