Review – Hawaii Five-O – Malama Ka Aina

Hawaii Five-0 Malama Ka Aina

CUT! Get ready for take 26, this time run like you see a Free Big Mac sign!

This week:
Hawaiians do a haka (who knew?). Gang war, Hawaii style. Pizza isn’t as popular as guns. Silk wraps are a must at parties. McGarrett says “Book him, Danno.” They solve the case. Team gets a name.


Seeing a big guy sprint and wondering how many takes he had to do.
Nice development of group dynamics.
Good back story to Chin Ho.
Grace Park wearing minimal clothes.
Still poking fun at themselves.

Some of it seemed a bit convenient.
The whole 5-0 thing.
Unrealistic big fight scene.

So apparently, “Malama Ka Aina” means to care for and live in harmony with the land. Um, not quite sure how this relates to a gang war and mainland crime syndicates, but ok. Not as strong, but still a fun little break from reality.



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