Review – Nikita – Guardian

Nikita Guardian

I know, let's pick this freighter to hide out in but stand on the top - not at all suss.

This week:
A major mission loses its lustre to Percy. Alex steps up. Michael gets his sneak on. Black Boxes. Butterflies. Nikita kicks butt, takes names and makes a new friend.

Really good plot.
Percy development.
Good recruit focus.
Strong action scenes.
Shows the fear of the staff, not just the recruits.
Cleared the direction of the overall arc.

Michael still looks like every other guy on TV.
No Amanda.
Touching on potential romance.

This show is clearly the best show of the Fall Releases. What I don’t understand is why GO!/GEM haven’t picked this up yet. Strong female characters on every level – great action – awesome plots – minority in lead role. With the rain continuing, get on the internets and pick up this show!



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