Review – Smallville – Supergirl (aka Smallville goes S&M)


Smallville Bondage Supergirl

I spared you the worst parts of this "location"


This week:
Kara is back. Lois knows. Clark whines. Kara wears hokey outfits. Lois going latex. Oli comes out. Kara goes in. Resolution.

Kara putting Clark in his place.
Oli standing up and taking action.
Clark learning to fly.

A bondage club.
Candle wax.
Rope bondage.
Clark still annoying the heck out of me.

Seeing the CW/Smallville take on a bondage club is something I have been trying to scrub from my memory. Wrong on SO many levels. Couldn’t Godfrey have had some other deep dark secret rather than getting chained up and being told what a bad boy he is? Smallville still isn’t back, but it is slowly starting to find its feet again, and with Oli coming out but Kara going in, it sets up the rest of the series nicely for the big reveal. Just no more bondage, PLEASE!!



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