Review – Castle – He’s Dead. She’s Dead.


Castle He's Dead, She's Dead

This thing between us, I believe it is called "sex-u-al tension." Did I mention I am ruggedly handsome?



This week:

Someone is murdered. Castle helps Beckett. Beckett gets annoyed with Castle’s witty banter. Castle flirts. Sexual tension ensues. Twists, turns and red herrings. They solve the case.

Back story of the Castle Family.
Nice tie in with personal stories and episode plot.
Great clue development!
Super fun!

Ummm. Will get back to you.

All in all this was a hugely enjoyable romp around NYC with the Castle and Beckett Dynamic Duo. For me, Castle is my fall asleep to on Sunday night show, but this new season seems to have stepped it up and made the old formula fresh again.



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