Review – Stargate Universe – Awakenings


Thanks for turning on the lights, you are tops!

This week:
Oh, what is that? BOOM. SWOOSH. Surprise. Flirt. BANG BANG BANG. Bubye.

Hang on, still thinking.
No really…
That Gate Assembly Room was cool.
Aliens were well imagined.

Same depression and loss, different day.
Rush is fully in prat mode.
Telford is still meh.
Young still needs to grow a pair.

I am all for the long con. I am all for grey, but really?
There was buzz that this episode would bring the action and tension back to SGU. I guess action = slowly walking through a set multiple times. Tension is all about the waiting for something to happen, well I am still waiting. There were so many missed opportunities for development but no cigar on any of them. I recognise that they are trying not to do the “I am Colonel Young on board this super wiz bang (falling apart) space craft boldly going where only aliens have gone before,” but enough already. I guess they are also trying to avoid the formula of last season – New Week, New Planet – but I can’t say it any better than Sydney Twitter @Skels’ summation of the feeling of the end of this episode:

Wonder who is going to die/get left behind/disappear/ascend next week? Can it be Rush? Bullet to the head would be awesome. kthnxbai


PS. Watch Rush be the hero and save the day next week just to make me look like a #sillypanda


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