Review – Caprica – Retribution



So much talent, so little time.

This week:
Flashbacks. Suicide. Flashbacks. Murder. Flashbacks. Betrayal. Flashbacks. Boom. Flashbacks.

I like the police development.
Interesting development of Lucy Rand.

Dealt only with the Religion premise, not Humanity.
Even though lots of things happened it felt slower than treacle going up hill in winter.
Complete waste of James Masters (again).
Lack of empathy developing for main characters.
No Adama development.
Way too many flashbacks.
No silver hotpants (ie. No New Cap City).

Caprica moves slow. We know this. But what I don’t understand is how an episode with four deaths caused by other characters can feel so slow. Perhaps in a few weeks I will look back at this episode and see it as a game changer, recognising all the clues I missed, but right now, I am hoping that things “step up” next week. The ground work has been laid, let’s make it happen!



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