Review – Smallville – Homecoming (200th ep)

Smallville Homecoming Lois

I went here, damnit!

This week:
Its the 5 year reunion for Smallville High. Lois wants to go. Clark doesn’t really but does anyway. Oh hi there Brainiac. Time travel. Twee set ups. Clark realises he can trust Lois. Lois decides to tell Clark. Neither happens.

Was nice to see James Masters again.
Lois’ experience in her return was fun.

Bad acting.
Where was Pete?
Poor use of James Masters.
Lack of depth to the story.

This was a cute episode that helped Clark stop whining little a little emo.  The cute though wasn’t consistent – it was often cringe worthy. It could have been so much more. Sure, for the 200th ep you expect a little flashback, but it was lame flashback city. The forward flashes could have been so good, but they weren’t.  One word describes this ep – Filler.



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