Review – Community – Basic Rocket Science

Community Basic Rocket Science

Yes, we simulated many things while on our mission...

This week:
Oh noes, Greendale is under threat from evil City College. BOMBOMBOMMMMMM! Space simulators. Space simulator simulators. Claustrophobia. Set a course for delicious! Questioned loyalties. Friendship wins out. Oh and an arse flag.

Some great movie clichés, eg how the person meant to be on the mission has to stay behind and ends up helping the mission succeed.
Awesome end credit gag.
Arse flag.
Map gag – thumbs up!
Britta and Troy?

Not enough Abed.
Too much going on.
Pearce (Chase) not really given room to show talent.

Just writing my synopsis I was thinking – wow that sounds funny. It was, kinda, but again just too much going on for it really to gel. Even with a less than “stellar” episode of Community again, it is still the funniest thing on TV after The Vampire Diaries – only difference is Community is designed to be funny.

#twoandahalfpandas which is waaaaay better than #twoandahalfmen will ever be.


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