Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Lanakila

I know, let's play basketball with the inmates!

This week:
Hawaii has prisons. One inmate doesn’t want to stay indoors. McGarrett has a sister, she is trouble. McGarrett and Danno hang out on the basketball court with the inmates (like you do). Chase. Hunt. BOOM BOOM. Detecting. Helicopters. Tummy bugs. Resolution and a cemetery.


Cute introduction to the series by Danno for new viewers.
A grand romp showing lots of great tourist destinations.
Nice character development.
Running gags.

Isn’t the Hawaiian Tourism Board worried about all those murders being televised?
Silly cop work.
Kono being delegated to back up.
Didn’t say “Book him, Danno.”
Kono didn’t get her kit off.

For all its kitchiness and bad police work, it is still believable in the way it is presented. It is total escapism TV where the team always gels, they always get the bad guys, and have a few laughs and soul searching moments along the way. What more could you want for some relaxing TV?


PS. Lanakila is a popular girls name in Hawaii apparently that means triumph or victory. Relationship to the show? Ummm.


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