Review – Grill'd – Chermside

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

After much procrastination and downright laziness I finally had a Grill’d Burger on Thursday night.

Yes, I officially popped my Grill’d cherry, if you want to be crass, and well, yes I do.

For me, Sushi Sushi’s sushi is one of the tradeoffs of fighting the Thursday night traffic to go to Chermside for late night shopping, but since I was there to celebrate my friend selling his apartment just hours earlier, I didn’t push sushi, and we went to Grill’d. Now, those that know me out of cyberspace know that I live about 100m from a Grill’d, but have never been.

Not once.

Why? Because I thought it was much more expensive that it actually is. I see natural and lovingly made and I think “oh a $15+ burger, get nicked.” I am not a burger person at the best of times, but for me anything over $10 for a burger better come out with the Arch-Angel Gabriel trumpeting its delights. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices when I checked the menu. I decided to go with a Simon Says – which is chicken breast, bacon and avocado. My friend went with his usual Bacon and Cheese burger and we got some chips and aioli.

The service was brilliant. The staff were all happy, chatty, laughing, having a great time engaging with their customers – it was like being in an Apple Store on opening day, only I could walk out with a full tummy and not an iPod.

I have to admit, I would go back, but I wouldn’t order the same meal. The chicken was very thin and bland, so when I bit in, it was like eating a bacon salad roll, vs. a chicken burger with bacon and salad. The bread was lovely and fresh, the lettuce cracked when I bit in – so super fresh! I am not a foodie, but it was one of those bitey lettuce that tastes sharp – awesome. Another big plus was how unmessy I got eating it. A friend of mine has a running joke of “how many napkins?” (coming soon to a tumblr near you I am sure) I was convinced I would end up with it all over my hands, but happily this wasn’t the case. For the record, I only used two napkins.

The chips were nice! They had dried basil or something on them. I wanted to say “ohhh a little bit fancy” but I was at the wrong burger chain for that! They were also very light to eat, so most enjoyable. I didn’t partake of the aioli, but my friend loves the stuff, so I assume it is goodness in a tub.

Great service/super friendly staff.
Made fresh with real ingredients.
Not that long a wait.
Chips were totes awesomes for reals.
Menus make great wrapping paper.

Chicken was a bit bland.
Fricking hell the birds were noisy!

I will certainly go back, but I can’t see it being a regular thing, like my Sushi Sushi sushi. I “may” give my local Grill’d (The Valley) a go but I won’t order Simon Says again. I think next time I will pick a slab of dead cow with pineapple aka: Summer Sunset.

#twoandahalfpandas (and #oneandahalf of those pandas is for the service and attitude of the staff alone)
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One response to “Review – Grill'd – Chermside

  • Blake

    Grill’d is certainly nice for those times where you want some constancy in a burger. You may not what you would want to eat all the time, but when you do, they provide the same meal at any of their stores at the same general standard.

    If burgers are your thing, I also suggest burger urge, they are a local brisbane burger place with a store in west end and also in new farm.

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