Review – Vespa Pizza – New Farm

Cool and yummy. Two wonderful qualities.

I went to Vespa on Wednesday night for the first time ever. Even though I lived within a couple of blocks and now live around 6 blocks away, I had never been.

The decor is very relaxed and welcoming, with arty photos and memorabilia on the walls. We snagged a comfy booth and settled in to try and whittle down their pizza menu to three (in hindsight we didn’t need that many). We got it down to 5 and then finally 3. We went with the Garlic Pizza Bread with Three Cheese, the Baharat Lamb and the Char Grilled Beef. When we saw all the nutella, we thought about ordering the dessert calzone, but didn’t get round to it, no space in tummy and no time. The service was friendly, and our waitress was brand new, so it was cute as she made sure she got our order 100% right. The food was excellent. What I loved was that the pizza’s weren’t oily. The crusts were crispy but not brittle and well, it was just YUM!

Great decor, location and staff.
Incredibly fresh ingredients.
Good variety on the menu.
Food came out reasonably quickly for a small wood fired oven.
Next to CityCycle Station.
Lots of free parking.

The service was friendly but I think they could have upsold us beer.

Of the three pizzas we ordered, the Garlic Pizza got two votes for best, with the Beef receiving one vote for best. The Lamb was good, it just wasn’t as amazing as the other two. Around the same price as Hell Pizza but 10X better.

Vespa Pizza on Urbanspoon


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