Review – Community – Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples (aka ABED)

ABED - All Caps!


This week:
YouTube and AutoTune. Pearce goes petulant teen. Abed makes a movie. God works in mysterious ways.

The ep goes for 21mins 1sec – all of that time!
End gag was great and a twist on the norm.
Chase finally gets the opportunity to actually be funny.
Awesome subplots.
Almost every line was one you wanted to remember to repeat later.
Jesus rap!

Nada – I just wish it went longer.

So just how good was this week’s ep? ABED trended on Twitter. My stream alone had ABED lines and fandom and it is 95% Australian. The last couple of eps I have said – MORE ABED! This week I got it, and then some. I loved how this ep didn’t focus on Britta and Jeff. Great play on the cult of personality and Hollywood’s obsession with itself. Up there for three way tie now on my fav ep of Community. I know I keep saying it – but Community really is the best show on TV you aren’t watching.



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