Review – Vampire Diaries – Plan B

Hi Bonnie. I know you think I am bad, but I am busy saving the day here.

This week:
Team Elena try and outsmart Team Katherine. Preparation for yet another Founders’ Event. Double cross. Trap! Murder most foul. Ego. Fall out.

Jeremy finding his stones and also his line in the sand.
Caroline and mum dynamic.
Damon was very Damon.
The well.
Stefan actually acted!
Plan B!

Bonnie is still one dimensional though they are trying.
Surprised they killed who they killed.
Whole week to wait!

This episode was just fantastic. Many of the arcs came to resolution this week – good, bad and heartbreakingly sad. I must admit I had  a tear in my eye for Caroline’s choice and actions. What has been set in motion is going to spill out into the town and shake up the lives of our favourite characters and those around them. Vampire Diaries is my bit of fun, but this episode changed my impression of the show. Plan B was amazing. Can’t wait for next week.



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