Review – Fair Game

Naomi Watts and Sean Penn in Fair Game (2010)

Only one of us is actually American, but my acting is just that good, Sean.

Tells the story of the lead up, and subsequent outing of Valarie Plame by Scotter Libby during those heady days when the some people thought that invading Iraq was a cool idea.

Amusing at times.
Great fun for political addicts like myself.
Outstanding performances by Watts and Penn save the film.
Interesting perspective – esp the fallout.

Some slow spots.
Bit too hokey American at times.
Assumes that the audience is as clever and well read as a Panda.

At times I think it tried a little too hard to make a point – dumbing it down, and at others it glossed over key facets that drive the story, assuming you know information. Better than a telemovie but not to the level I was hoping.

PS. Naomi Watts is looking old… and that brassy blond do didn’t help at all.

PPS. Thanks to Kelly Higgins-Devine and ABC Local Radio 612 for getting me and Snr Film Pie tix.

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