Review – Community – Epidemiology

Go on... pick up something again, oh great Dragon Turtle!

This week:
Toxic tacos. Zombies. The end of days. Flying cat. Awesome costumes. ABBA. 6 hour response.

Alien (heck there was even a cat – and I so wanna see the outtakes of the cat wrangler trying to throw that cat!).
Last man standing.
The Dean’s playlist.
Believable  (within the world of Community).
Jeff cool – always.
Human Centipede.

Trying to think what I didn’t like…

Let’s be honest, the bar is so high for Community that even a great episode like this one pales in comparison  to greats like Modern Warfare. That being said, there were a lot of very clever moments, and they got away with a lot! I wonder what the future will be for Shirley… Will Troy tell?

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