Review – Hawaii Five-O – Nalowale

I stop baddies and I can charm the ladies... I rock.

This week:
Outstanding panoramic shots. Submarine. Murder. Sex. Sex trade. Puppy! Fat baddies move fast doing kung fu. McGarrett says “Book him Danno.”

Nice twist on the standard story.
Good development of the Mayor (I so think there was more going on).
Great action.
Good plot development.
Nice sisterly development.

Kono still under utilised.
All those murders in Hawaii – surprised anyone still goes there!

This show has quickly become one that I like to savour for when I am having an iffy day – because I can’t help but smile and laugh at the jokes, the terrible crime scene investigation and that there is always a happy ending (except if you are dead or a baddie). Solid week to week. And yes I know I am two eps behind – I have been busy!

Oh and Nalowale translates as missing, lost, forgotten or vanished which makes sense this episode.

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