Review – Vampire Diaries – Masquerade

Lucky I knew Elena wasn't coming, or your straightened hair would have confused me.

This week:
Yet another Founders’ Event. Team Elena decide to take down Team Katherine. Katherine makes a new puppy. Katherine is double crossed in her double cross. Elena doesn’t change her mind. Bonding of Caroline and Tyler over a secret. Katherine!

Elena sticking to her guns re Stefan.
The puppy making was great.
Caroline development – a real highlight of the ep.
Another awesome soundtrack.

Oh come on really? Elena, really? Where is your head.
How come who we thought would die didn’t die?
Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t they still in school – why are they never there anymore?
The last scene *snore*

Overall, still a very strong episode with some great resolutions to some stories and commencements of new ones. To be honest, I was neither surprised nor interested in the last moment of the show. It was a good idea to rebuild the suspense for our protagonist now that her nemesis has been temporarily iced (I so didn’t expect what they did to her), but felt a bit meh. I think it was just too fast, no build up from the previous scene. I don’t mind the plot device, even if it was obvious, but I think its implementation was lax.


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