Review – Nikita – The Recruit

When one door closes, The Division opens a window (or two)

This week:
Two new support characters. Two journeys. Two choices. Two very different outcomes.

Fantastic departure from the usual plot line.
Really strong acting by the guest stars.
Nice to focus away from the main players.
Great “The Division” development.
Questions vs blind faith of recruits.
Awesome twist.

Really? Noone ever notices all that time Alex is chatting on the computer?
What is with the ongoing and developing backstory? Are there that many new viewers each week?

Once again a very strong episode for Nikita. Week after week, solid character and action driven stories. Even when drive of the episode isn’t focused on the overarching arc, there is just enough of it there to take you that little bit closer. If you aren’t watching Nikita, you should be. Hurry up GO! and bring his gem to our shore before GEM nabs it.

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