Review – The American #BIFF

Yes ladies, I am a paranoid, lean, mean, emoting machine.

Showing as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival was the advanced Australian screening of The American. This film tells the story of an assassin, on the run from those who recently tried to kill him. Tortured and paranoid as the result of his choices, Clooney’s character Jack/Edward lives a sheltered life – sometimes entering society, occasionally to bond but always busy (he takes on another assignment). His choice of relationships are a strong reflection of his own life choices, and the analogy of his own life to a noticable and endangered butterfly is nicely rounded out. This is a long con movie, with sporadic bursts of action or plot driving.

Italy – I want to go there now.
Clooney’s understated acting.
The slow burn.
Clara’s misunderstanding of Edwards behaviour for love, and him fooling himself into believing it.
The lack of dialogue – so very character and emotionally driven.
Beautifully shot.
Clooney going against type – it isn’t that hard to remember he is actually a very bad man. He is actually too bad to even call him an archetypal Byronic Hero.

Somewhat predictable. I guessed the every major plot point – though I did expect him to have something to do with the spate of murders (not the ones we actually saw him commit).
It is the standard hit-man plot.

I rather enjoyed this – it wasn’t outstanding, but it was on the mark. I can see this movie being a lot more popular with women than men – not just for Clooney, yes ladies you see a fair bit of him – but because it deals with the emotions that drive people’s choices and outcomes, not the large scale events – the action here is incidental.

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