Review – Smallville – The Harvest

I didn't know shows still used this as a fade out for sex...

This week:

Lois revels in having her own superhero.
Clark continues to be over protective.
Someone spiked the coolaid (water).
Religious fervour.
Lois steps up.
Clark becomes uberer.
Lex will always be Lex.
It was great to see the banter between Lois & Clark.
Lois driving the solution.
Nice twist on the usual plot.
They finally had the s word.
Tess’ realisation and decision.
Some of the guest acting was a tad hokey.
Not sure about the new twist on Blue Kryptonite.
Part of the set looked way fake.
Overall this was a good episode the further explored the Lois &Clark dynamic, especially as the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. I really, really liked how Lois didn’t just give up, whereas Clark was defeatist – Lois never did. I have to say though, the fade out scene of the two hands entwined was so kitch – we have seen a lot more than that – anyone else remember Lex and his sex romps and murder?

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