Review – Fringe – Amber 31422

How coincidental! I think I may be a doppleganger and you are a twin!


This week:
We are back in the alternate universe. People are still alive after being ambered. Switch and double switch. Hallucinations. Crossing over. Olivia coming to terms with the truth.

Greater understanding of Walternate’s motivations and conscious.
Greater insight to the impact the mini-blackholes are having on this universerse.
Nice use of Peter.
Awesome jumps!
Olivia’s realisation of the truth.

Still no development of Astrid.

I am really enjoying the RED episodes. I can see myself understanding more and more their predicament and that how, in both worlds, the best of intentions has truly drastic consequences. Part of my wants a BLUE episode next week – to see what is happening with Peter and Fauxlivia, but a bigger part of me wants to continue to explore the other Universe as I am finding their motivators incredibly engaging.

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