Review – Community – Aerodynamics of Gender

What do you mean my makeup stops at my chin!?!?

This week:
Abed becomes what can only be describe as RoboCop of girls’ self confidence. Troy and Jeff discover the Bounce. Pearce spoils everything. Nazism.

Loved the whole “Secret Garden” thing when Troy first encounters it.
Abed’s “assessment” program.
All girls really are bitches.
The return of the status quo was wonderfully done.
End gag with StarBurns.
Lots of awesome Chang moments.

I didn’t really get the whole bounce thing – it must be an analogy for something or a twist on another show which I didn’t get. Was it for smoking weed out the back of the classroom or something?
Pearce wasn’t even his endearingly annoying self and therefore Chase wasn’t given the opportunity to be funny.

This was a fun episode but the two plot lines didn’t really mesh for me – I loved the Abed one, but the Jeff and Troy one didn’t resonate or even make me laugh – other than the maze joke during a montage at the end. It is still a fantastic show, but the bar is so high now (I feel like I say this a lot) that anything less than a stellar ep leaves me unsatisfied and anticipating next week.

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