Review – Inception

Yeah this scene was pretty cool but meh.

So I finally saw it.

I wouldn’t watch it again, though people have told me I need to, to really GET the movie. What is there to get that I missed the first time – the continuing themes and teasers? Ohhhh and don’t forget that twist at the end… like that was going to be any sort of surprise, nor the fact that they didn’t give a definitive answer.

Didn’t drag that much.
Some nice camera work.

Felt like I had seen it before – not the whole thing together – but most parts individually.
Unlikeable protagonist.
Trying very hard to be clever.
Did anyone not pick up what had happened from the first time Limbo was mentioned and what was going to happen?
It felt like I was watching a 70’s movie but with better production values.

I realise that for many people this movie was life changing, but if it was that life changing to you, maybe you should change your life yourself rather than let an average movie with nice special effects and camera work do it for you. Luckily this is an old movie and no one will read this post even if I promote it so my negative sentiments will remain forever lost in cyberspace.

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