Review – Nikita – Phoenix

Cross and Double Cross.

This week:
Recruit Thom becomes an agent. Nikita finds herself involved in a more complicated situation than she bargained for. Alex really is becoming Divisonalised IMHO. Awesome lead up for the back half of the series.

Really good plot with twists and turns I didn’t expect – in fact I loved it.
No romance.
Awesome household item fight scene.
I liked how the recruit story interspersed with the main arc very nicely this time.

No Owen.
Do we really think Nikita would trade one demon for another?
Alex being way too manipulative for my liking.

I think this is going to be one of the last Romance Free Nikita’s. You may remember a few weeks back I said that they were hiring a clean cut all American guy to be Nikita’s love interest. I expect those episodes to start hitting us soon. Such a shame – but better a romantic Nikita who kicks butt and has revenge tattooed on her heart than no Nikita – though I am curious as to how they will balance it, given that the death of her lover was her main driver in leaving then working to bring down Division.


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