Review – The Vampire Diaries – Katerina

Ms Double Standards is smitten.


This week:
Elena gets what might be the truth from Katherine. Elijah isn’t as gone as we thought. Lots of new info. Damon gets lucky. Katherine backstory. Jeremy gets cockblocked.

Caroline being the best friend she used to be again.
Katherine backstory.
Big Bad is back and a Bigger Bad is on the way.
New characters with their own webs.
New twists and turns.
Uber vamp powers activate!
Dobrev’s Katherine.

I think it is funny how I dised the early dismissal of Elijah – he really is a big bad, if not the biggest bad.
Didn’t feel any chemistry between Damon and Rose – but then it was just sex – for now.

Overall it was a smooth episode – just the right mix of tension, multiple story lines and backstory. This episode continues the theme that every African American in Mystic Falls is a witch/warlock. Katherine’s motivations, if they can be believed, make her much less one dimensional. Very nice indeed.

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