Review – Caprica – False Labor

No one can hate themselves more than Daniel right now.

This week:
Daniel Greystone works through his mistakes and grief. Amanda Greystone fully immerses into the world of sister of Clarice.  Sam Adama gets his patriotism on. Joseph Adama gets lucky.

The Tauron subplot.
Character development of Sam – why are only learning of this now?
Daniel’s mechanisations.
Amanda’s subterfuge.
Don’t piss of someone with access to a Cylon.
No Zoe.

Acting of Anita Torrance’s Mar-Beth – plank of wood anyone? She is Australian isn’t she?
No Lucy Rand.

I am sure many people who watched this ep would have thought, OMG so slow! But it wasn’t slow – it was pure character driven drama – which is what the show should be.  This episode worked because it wasn’t trying to address too many themes at once, and the themes they did discuss were pure and honest.


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