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Review – The Last Airbender

Like a cookie made with the wrong ingredients.

First up – I had never seen the show. Apparently I am the only person in the world who hasn’t according to some friends, but I thought it important to get that info out on the table.

Fire bad. Water good. Air better. Fluffy things fly. Chinese people play with dirt. Oh noes, lots of people are dead. Santa’s elves wear blue. Big battle. It doesn’t end.

The idea of the story is solid.
I liked that each tribe fought differently (and I don’t mean what they bend).
Some of the special effects were kinda cool.

Seemed like it was missing something.
Some acting was terrible!
Protagonist not overly likeable.
Supporting characters weren’t developed enough to click with me.

I was trying to think how to explain how I felt after watching this movie. It was like a really yummy biscuit recipe that had been made with the wrong ingredients, like margarine instead of butter. The basis of the story was great. The protagonist Aang was annoying. I didn’t like him at all. I felt the character of Zuko lacked depth, I mean they tried, but it came across as terribly one dimensional. I wanted to know what will happen, but not enough to go to the movies. It did pique my interest enough to log onto iTunes and buy the first series though. I am now 4 eps in, and I can see why people were so disappointed with the movie, already I can see what I should have seen in the movie with the characters. I look forward to adventuring in animated form with Aang and co. I will review each series when I am done.