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Review – Bones – Season 6 eps 1-4



Cross Promotion Anyone?

This week/s:
Random people do something. They find a body/bodies. Bones and team interact in often humourous ways while using science and “dectecting.” Romantic innuendo. They solve the case.

The characters are still fun in their limited and repetitive ways.
Squintern of the week.

For the love of Pete can we PLEASE break from pattern!??!
Ridiculous professional antics.
Lack of empathy for victim and killer.
Extremely limited character development.

I don’t know – I was hoping Bones would step up this year, what with the new love interest for Booth and all, but it is just the same old same old. I was VERY disappointed part of the plot on the season return… without giving anything away, the team are so fantastic that they do in <24 hours what a team of professionals couldn’t do in 6 weeks.  God, and don’t even get me started on the Jersey Shore cross promotion episode. That was painful.
Don’t get me wrong, this is still a bit of fun, a kind of thinking man’s totty – but I won’t be setting the record button on IceTV app. It used to be I would watch Bones then fall asleep through Castle. This season it is the reverse. I will fall asleep through Bones and set up Castle for record.