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Review – Caprica – The DirtEaters

caprica dirteaters avenging angels

What all the cool New Cap City players are wearing.

This week:
The idea of ethnicity is re-explored through flash backs and choices by the Adama family. Daniel makes yet another deal with the devil. The Avenging Angels are the latest fad.

The idea that honest work like farming could be so distasteful to others.
One’s own choosing to return to the soil.
Sam and Joseph’s journey as children.
Daniel being even more devious.
Everyone has their own agenda.

I still lack empathy for Amanda.
That stupid editing between V-World and Caprica.
Tamara and Zoe aren’t strong enough actors to pull of their current story lines.

This was an incredibly strong character driven episode. It is a shame that just as this series/season found its feet, they were removed out from under. I write this having seen The Heavens Will Rise, and I found this episode a perfect counterpoint for the next step.


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Review – Caprica – Blowback

The exits are located here, here and here.

This week:
A trap is set for a STO member hiding in plain sight amongst Caprica’s finest. Lucy Rand arrives on Gemenon, hijinks ensue. Clarice’s religious fervour knows no bounds. Amanda in the Lion’s Den. Daniel is running out of time and discovers an uncomfortable truth. Sam can’t believe Joseph and Joseph sells out his morals and memories.

Even more reasons why the clyons are monotheistic.
Great set piece on the jump ship even if it was predictable.
Sam’s reaction when he finds out about the cylons and just to whom they are being sold.
The cylon in action.
The harsh true nature of the STO exhibited both on Geminon and on Caprica.
No Zoe.

No Zoe again which makes me fearful or a Zoe centric ep coming our way.
Grace – shudderific.
What ever happened to Serge?

On the heels of the announcement of their cancellation – Blowback reminds us why this can be such a strong show. Unfortunately we spent too much time on the Greystones (particularly Daniel and to some extent Zoe) in the middle of this journey – and they aren’t really where the story is at. Yes they created the cylons but their real “birth” isn’t their building, but their evolution – which seems to be outside of Greystone Industries. The Tauran subplot is also strong, as is the STO when it isn’t just religious rhetoric. Unfortunately it is too late for this show, but I will continue to delve into the world before the Fall on Caprica.


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Update from Das Panda

Hi Panda fans.

Sorry I have been horrendously busy. I have a number of reviews in the “can” but not time to post. I will make an effort before I get swamped in BIFF stuff.

Tonight I am off to the Opening Night of BIFF, so hopefully by this time tomorrow there will be a good number of fresh reviews on Smallville, Nikita, Stargate Universe, Caprica and Hawai Five-0, Sushi Train and Freestyle Tout – not to mention Canetoads: A Conquest.

Oh and super congrats to Lun Lun on her new baby.
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Review – Caprica – Things We Lock Away

A massacre in a massacre in a massacre

This week:
Hostage. Euthanasia. Cleaning. Manipulation. Battle for mind and heart.

Vergis telling Greystone he didn’t have the stones.
Vergis winning.

No Adama family development.
Lucy’s arc (yawn).
Pretty much the whole episode.

I was quite excited when this ep opened, as it seemed like we were going to do a New Cap City centric ep. We did, but it wasn’t the storyline I was hoping for – I don’t know what I wanted, but two 45kg girls trying to fight and then deciding to braid each other’s hair sure as frak wasn’t it.

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep (Fringe) was a much better attempt at understanding what is it that makes someone ‘human.’ The whole hallucinating avatar was frustrating and the battle scene annoying on multiple levels. There were some moments throughout the duration of the ep when I thought YES – but nothing happened. I should check who wrote it – cause it was unstructured, out of character and lacking in depth. One twitterer in my stream asked me if Avatar Zoe had created her own Avatar Zoe. Yes, the writing was that messy.

Incase you missed it – there is a new BSG spinoff. I get what they were trying to achieve, but think they failed miserably – are they trying to get cancelled? With eps like TWLB, the writing isn’t just on the wall for Caprica, the grave is being dug.


Another BSG Spin Off!

I still can't see him without remembering that awful pre-Fall drinking binge.

If you don’t follow the awesome Jace via @televisionary (who also writes for @thedailybeast FYI) you won’t have seen this yet.

Blood and Chrome is being pushed from a webseries into a pilot as a the lead for a new BSG series.

Caprica’s speed (or lack of it) and day to day routine life on Caprica has failed to inspire many viewers who want to see vipers pew pew pewing in space.

Blood and Chrome is a young Adama (post tween as he is in Caprica) as an Ensign at the start of the Cylon war.

The writing is on the wall in New Cap City it seems. I just hope we get some resolution.

Click the pic of a non-spewing Adama to read the whole story by Jace.

Review – Caprica – Retribution



So much talent, so little time.

This week:
Flashbacks. Suicide. Flashbacks. Murder. Flashbacks. Betrayal. Flashbacks. Boom. Flashbacks.

I like the police development.
Interesting development of Lucy Rand.

Dealt only with the Religion premise, not Humanity.
Even though lots of things happened it felt slower than treacle going up hill in winter.
Complete waste of James Masters (again).
Lack of empathy developing for main characters.
No Adama development.
Way too many flashbacks.
No silver hotpants (ie. No New Cap City).

Caprica moves slow. We know this. But what I don’t understand is how an episode with four deaths caused by other characters can feel so slow. Perhaps in a few weeks I will look back at this episode and see it as a game changer, recognising all the clues I missed, but right now, I am hoping that things “step up” next week. The ground work has been laid, let’s make it happen!


Why you should watch Caprica


Caprica Opening Credits

Watch or the Toasters will get you!


Caprica has finally gone Free to Air here in Australia with 7Mate. Many of us were/are watching it straight from the States.

Some people had a bite and didn’t like it. When you ask the non-believers why they don’t like it you will hear a lot of “OMG IT IS SO BORING AND SLOW.” It has also been labelled as a Sci-Fi Soap Opera. Lame Sci-Fi as no viper fights!

But you should watch.

Here’s why.

First up – The pilot.

The pilot alone is must see TV.

The approach of this show, the whole take on the situation on Caprica, makes it the pilot required viewing. Do you remember that episode towards the back end of the final season of BSG when we saw how wrong Caprica was before the fall? If you can’t remember, does watching Adama vomit for 5 minutes help the recall? Well this show starts 50 years before BSG. Their priorities mirror ours in many ways: hedonism, materialism, a search for meaning in a meaningless world – only they don’t know what we all know – their days are numbered. A war, two wars, are coming.

Caprica tells the story of the Cylons, the people behind them, and why they are the way they are, and addresses, similarly to BSG, the questions of religion, terrorism, right and wrong, heaven and just what it is that makes you ‘human.’

Yes, Caprica is slow. But as I have said about this show in a previous review, as well as Rubicon, it is all about the ‘long con.’ You can’t the get payoff without the journey – the investment. There is a core group of disparate characters that are brought together by one event (an act of terrorism) – and everything that happens in the show is a direct result of this incident. Relationships, betrayals, crime, friendships – everything. That one point in time can change the face of the world, of a race, is a very powerful idea – and one that are often faced with or advised upon in our day to day lives.

One of the best subplots of this show is “New Cap City,” which is a game played via holoband – so a fully immersive gaming experience – in which you get one chance in New Cap City (like life) as if you die there, you can never get back into the game. The way all the scenes are shot/digitally altered is excellent – as are the characters/personas that Capricans play in their alternative reality. For me, the episode that really sold me on Caprica was New Cap City.

The greatest benefit of a long con show, is that when something happens it happens in spades. The midseason cliff-hanger was a long time coming but seeing the story lines and characters intersect through their choices was brilliant.

Caprica has just returned from its mid-season break with new twists and turns and power struggles – which, like Mad Men are the same challenges/situations/choices expressed across multiple characters yet approached and addressed differently. You can see my review of the latest episode a little down the page.

All these things makes Caprica a must watch for me, so stick with it if you are just joining the story on 7Mate, as the subplots more than make up for the lack of pace in the over all arc.

Oh and don’t forget: “All of this has happened before, and will happen again.”


Review – Caprica – Unvanquished



Silver Hot Pants Anyone?


This week:
Religion. Questions. Bargains. Deadwaker. Silver hot pants and Murder.

Final twist at end, not the second final one, the final one.
Two plans, one objective.
Female Pope.

et tu Clarice?
Unrealistic fight scene.
Only one turn of the episode surprised me.
Totally wasted James Masters.
Very slow (even for Caprica).

Yes Caprica moves at a pace that makes Rubicon look like a Ferrari, but I like the questions it asks. Also when it does move, the pace takes your breath away. I especially like the idea of a man made heaven, a guarantee for an investment (spiritual and financial) – which is what the church has been doing for centuries on both levels. Also what is it that makes us human? This was a great ongoing underlying journey within BSG and I do like the way it is being approached in Caprica.