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Review – Chuck – Chuck vs the Anniversary (Season Return)


Welcome to the Buy More!


This week:
Casey and Sarah are dealing with spy action Intersectless.  Chuck, BFF Morgan, are dealing with life post CIA and post BuyMore. They follow their own clues on a personal mission for Chuck (which seems to be the overall arc for this season?) and coincidently end up in the same place and time as Super Spies Sarah and Casey. Action. Giggles. Resolution.

Real Super Spies use public transport.
Great throwaway lines.
The new and improved Buy More.

No Scott and Larry.
No Big Mike.
No Ellie.
No Awesome.

The esteemed author of White Noise (Crikey’s Televisual Blog) saw Chuck a few weeks back and didn’t think that Chuck still had it. I have to say on this case we strongly disagree (kind of how we disagree about Paul Newman’s Salad Dressing vs Pasta Sauce).
Chuck is back, with bells on. Certainly is he “out of the closet” well and truly, but not to everyone. He is now dealing with a whole new set of problems and a new “quest.” I am seriously looking forward to sitting down and catching up on the last few episodes. This ep was a perfect entree back into the world of the Intersect. I would tell you to watch it via Go! but they moved it to like 2am or something ridiculous. The little show that could, keeps on keeping on.