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Review – Castle – The Mistress Always Spanks Twice (aka Castle Bondage)

This week:

Castle The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Yes, Mistress.

Random person finds a person dead. Only the dead person is in restraints and smothered in caramel in a playground. Beckett teases Castle mercilessly. Castle fantasises endlessly. Cheer leading.  Lots of time with Mistresses. Sexual tension. Red herrings. Solution.

Fillion’s protrayal of Castle was just delicious.
Esposito and Ryan buddy cops.
Banter was slightly predictable but highly enjoyable.

Felt staged (but that is to be expected).

At least with this bondage ep of a show I am not scrubbing the images out of my brain as I did with Smallville. It was done as tastefully (?) as you can without going for mass scene of people in leather hanging from the ceilings. This was a remarkably funny episode. Well worth catching it on repeat.