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Review – Hawaii Five-O – Mana’o

Nice role reversal

This week:
Danno’s old partner is murdered and disposed of in the most delicious way. Sierra from Dollhouse has a new mission. Danno is determined to prove his innocence. Cross and double cross. Old enemies become allies. They solve the case. Garrett says Book him, Danno. Some cheesy American stuff.

Is always good to see Dichen Lachman in a role.
Nice shift away from the normal case scenario.
Nice backstory for Danno.
Buddy cop development.
Most creative interrogation method I have ever seen on teev.

Kono still very much a “support” vs the major kick butt player she was in the pilot.
No shonky policework – except that play ground visit.
is like every major crime syndicate in the world putting down roots in Hawaii?
Obvious twist.
What was with the Bing plug?

I must admit, I am getting a little tired of the first part of each show. Random people doing something random and most likely a touristy appropriate past time in Hawaii then BAM dead body or murder… could be Bones, NCIS, Law and Order, Castle etc… This week’s episode name – Mana’o – means to have faith, confidence, to believe – which is very apt considering noone but Danno believes in his friend’s innocence. Another enjoyable romp that suspends any need for thought.


Update from Das Panda

Hi Panda fans.

Sorry I have been horrendously busy. I have a number of reviews in the “can” but not time to post. I will make an effort before I get swamped in BIFF stuff.

Tonight I am off to the Opening Night of BIFF, so hopefully by this time tomorrow there will be a good number of fresh reviews on Smallville, Nikita, Stargate Universe, Caprica and Hawai Five-0, Sushi Train and Freestyle Tout – not to mention Canetoads: A Conquest.

Oh and super congrats to Lun Lun on her new baby.
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Review – Hawaii Five-O – Nalowale

I stop baddies and I can charm the ladies... I rock.

This week:
Outstanding panoramic shots. Submarine. Murder. Sex. Sex trade. Puppy! Fat baddies move fast doing kung fu. McGarrett says “Book him Danno.”

Nice twist on the standard story.
Good development of the Mayor (I so think there was more going on).
Great action.
Good plot development.
Nice sisterly development.

Kono still under utilised.
All those murders in Hawaii – surprised anyone still goes there!

This show has quickly become one that I like to savour for when I am having an iffy day – because I can’t help but smile and laugh at the jokes, the terrible crime scene investigation and that there is always a happy ending (except if you are dead or a baddie). Solid week to week. And yes I know I am two eps behind – I have been busy!

Oh and Nalowale translates as missing, lost, forgotten or vanished which makes sense this episode.

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Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Lanakila

I know, let's play basketball with the inmates!

This week:
Hawaii has prisons. One inmate doesn’t want to stay indoors. McGarrett has a sister, she is trouble. McGarrett and Danno hang out on the basketball court with the inmates (like you do). Chase. Hunt. BOOM BOOM. Detecting. Helicopters. Tummy bugs. Resolution and a cemetery.


Cute introduction to the series by Danno for new viewers.
A grand romp showing lots of great tourist destinations.
Nice character development.
Running gags.

Isn’t the Hawaiian Tourism Board worried about all those murders being televised?
Silly cop work.
Kono being delegated to back up.
Didn’t say “Book him, Danno.”
Kono didn’t get her kit off.

For all its kitchiness and bad police work, it is still believable in the way it is presented. It is total escapism TV where the team always gels, they always get the bad guys, and have a few laughs and soul searching moments along the way. What more could you want for some relaxing TV?


PS. Lanakila is a popular girls name in Hawaii apparently that means triumph or victory. Relationship to the show? Ummm.

Review – Hawaii Five-O – Malama Ka Aina

Hawaii Five-0 Malama Ka Aina

CUT! Get ready for take 26, this time run like you see a Free Big Mac sign!

This week:
Hawaiians do a haka (who knew?). Gang war, Hawaii style. Pizza isn’t as popular as guns. Silk wraps are a must at parties. McGarrett says “Book him, Danno.” They solve the case. Team gets a name.


Seeing a big guy sprint and wondering how many takes he had to do.
Nice development of group dynamics.
Good back story to Chin Ho.
Grace Park wearing minimal clothes.
Still poking fun at themselves.

Some of it seemed a bit convenient.
The whole 5-0 thing.
Unrealistic big fight scene.

So apparently, “Malama Ka Aina” means to care for and live in harmony with the land. Um, not quite sure how this relates to a gang war and mainland crime syndicates, but ok. Not as strong, but still a fun little break from reality.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – Ohana


Bitch! No you are a bitch! You are, bitch!

This week:
iPhones assist in the plot development. There is a case. The team works together taking on different tasks to solve it. Hair pulling ensues. McGarrett says “Book him Dano,” and then some schmaltzy American stuff.


Chick fight!
Awesome one liners!
Rollicking good story.

Let’s examine this crime scene without gloves!
Let’s look at the traffic camera that conveniently don’t record the traffic!
Why does the female character have to babysit when they acknowledge how great Dano is with kids?
Weird American shit at the end about being patriotic and stuff.

This show is really going to be a lot of fun – I do like how they poke fun at themselves. Quite an enjoyable 40 odd minutes.


Hawaii Five-O – Series Premier

More wardrobe choices like this please

McGarrett is a kick arse military baddie hunter.
A mission goes wrong. Daddy go boom!
McGarrett decides to head up special task force in Hawaii.
Team comes together.
Solves case.
McGarrett says “Book him, Danno.”

Alex O’Loughlin was actually good in a buddy cop role.
Grace Park is sweet as in a bikini and undies.
Story wasn’t that bad.
Good character development.
Some rather amusing throw away lines.
Decent action.

Total waste of James Masters.
South Korea looks a lot like Hawaii.
Lots of twee “in” language.
Commercial for Hawaii.
Not enough of Grace Park in bikini or undies.

Could this be the end of “Show Killer” as a nickname for O’Loughlin?
I think so.