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Review – La Femme Nikita (France 1990)

Did someone ask for gritty and bleak?

I have been loving SBS this month – to celebrate 30 years on the air, they have been playing everyone’s favourite world movies. Over the weekend, while I was engaging in Adventures in Puppy Sitting, I stayed up late to watch the original incarnation of Nikita. It has been years since I saw it and really only remembered a couple of scenes, so given how much I am loving the CW’s redux of Nikita, I had to watch.

Nikita is a junkie, punk bad girl who murders a policeman in cold blood and is convicted of his and the deaths of victims in the movie’s shoot out – which opens the film. Finding herself in a hidden world of training and development at the DGSE (the French CIA), Nikita transfers herself from riding the line of being cancelled (to use the CW’s Nikita’s terms) to being a glowing success – a hot hit woman.

Upon her completion of her training, she starts what she fools herself into thinking is a normal life till the people that made her come calling.The second half of the movie traces her trying to balance her love and pretend life with his boyfriend and the demands made by her true employers.

The disparity between worlds.
Lies and the lies to hide the lies.
People looked real, unlike the US versions.
Believable characters trying to live in a world out of their control.
Brilliant set pieces – that restaurant scene is just glorious.
The dark humour littered throughout the movie.

Some bits were a tad over the top, but I think it was to show the differences.
By some bits, I mean the overacting of Anne Parillaud.
The unlikely relationships she develops.

Even with the effects of time (learning what a mouse is hehhe) it is still a dark adventure into an under world beyond the law. It was certainly ahead of its time and spawned a successful ongoing franchise. All that being said, it wasn’t as good as I remembered it. I loved how gritty it was, but its over the top depiction of wild Nikita just saw me lack empathy for the protagonist.


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Review – Nikita – One Way

Unusual aliases was the underlying theme of this episode.

This week:
Michael is off on his own revenge laden off the books mission. Nikita and he join forces. Nothing goes to plan, professionally or personally. Nikita reaches out and Michael reaches back – to a point.

Michael backstory – was great to see his motivators.
Nikita and Michael buddy cop/assassins.
Awesome shoot out scene.
Great hand to hand work.
Really plot and implementation.
Percy being Percy.
Great overall dynamic between Nikita and Michael.

The recruit arc was a bit weaker this week – but then the action really had nothing to do with them.

I don’t want to say too much and give away this episode.
Yet again another fantastic episode. Good to see Nikita is now on GO! You really must check this show out – why it doesn’t get advertised I have no idea. This episode had been in, hook, line, sinker and copy of angling times. Hope is lost. There is just vengence.


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Review – Nikita – Phoenix

Cross and Double Cross.

This week:
Recruit Thom becomes an agent. Nikita finds herself involved in a more complicated situation than she bargained for. Alex really is becoming Divisonalised IMHO. Awesome lead up for the back half of the series.

Really good plot with twists and turns I didn’t expect – in fact I loved it.
No romance.
Awesome household item fight scene.
I liked how the recruit story interspersed with the main arc very nicely this time.

No Owen.
Do we really think Nikita would trade one demon for another?
Alex being way too manipulative for my liking.

I think this is going to be one of the last Romance Free Nikita’s. You may remember a few weeks back I said that they were hiring a clean cut all American guy to be Nikita’s love interest. I expect those episodes to start hitting us soon. Such a shame – but better a romantic Nikita who kicks butt and has revenge tattooed on her heart than no Nikita – though I am curious as to how they will balance it, given that the death of her lover was her main driver in leaving then working to bring down Division.


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Review – Nikita – Resistance

Hi there. My name is Nikita and I am here to help (aka bring down Division)

This week:
Nothing it really what it seems, even when you think you know the truth.

Brilliant Michael development.
Was good to see Nikita in the background.
Alex really stepped up.
Great story idea – neat twists and turns all the way through.
Owen backstory and intersection w Nikita.

Percy seemed a bit “off.”
Was really hoping to see Owen and Nikita buddy cop.

Dang this show can deliver. Action, drama, tugging the heart strings and possibly misplaced hope and trust. I am so pleased Nikita got the full season run. If the second half of the series is half as good as the first I am going to be one happy panda.

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Review – Nikita – The Recruit

When one door closes, The Division opens a window (or two)

This week:
Two new support characters. Two journeys. Two choices. Two very different outcomes.

Fantastic departure from the usual plot line.
Really strong acting by the guest stars.
Nice to focus away from the main players.
Great “The Division” development.
Questions vs blind faith of recruits.
Awesome twist.

Really? Noone ever notices all that time Alex is chatting on the computer?
What is with the ongoing and developing backstory? Are there that many new viewers each week?

Once again a very strong episode for Nikita. Week after week, solid character and action driven stories. Even when drive of the episode isn’t focused on the overarching arc, there is just enough of it there to take you that little bit closer. If you aren’t watching Nikita, you should be. Hurry up GO! and bring his gem to our shore before GEM nabs it.

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Update from Das Panda

Hi Panda fans.

Sorry I have been horrendously busy. I have a number of reviews in the “can” but not time to post. I will make an effort before I get swamped in BIFF stuff.

Tonight I am off to the Opening Night of BIFF, so hopefully by this time tomorrow there will be a good number of fresh reviews on Smallville, Nikita, Stargate Universe, Caprica and Hawai Five-0, Sushi Train and Freestyle Tout – not to mention Canetoads: A Conquest.

Oh and super congrats to Lun Lun on her new baby.
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Terrible news for Nikita fans!

Apparently being armed, sexy and hella dangerous isn't enough - seems I need a man to make my life complete.

Michael Aussiello of the Aussiello Files has dropped a scoop that makes me shudder.

I have oft said that one of the best qualities of Nikita is that the strong female protagonist  isn’t tripping over romantic story lines.

Apparently the CW doesn’t agree, so they are going to add a little spice to Nikita’s love life… because obviously a strong woman with vengeance on her mind needs to fall in love and have a strong stable male behind her.

I say Boooo now, but who knows… I might still like it – but right now I am concerned as to the future of the show – though if what Aussiello says is true, the future of the show is in doubt if they don’t.

Read the full story by clicking on the hot pic of Maggie Q.

Review – Nikita – Guardian

Nikita Guardian

I know, let's pick this freighter to hide out in but stand on the top - not at all suss.

This week:
A major mission loses its lustre to Percy. Alex steps up. Michael gets his sneak on. Black Boxes. Butterflies. Nikita kicks butt, takes names and makes a new friend.

Really good plot.
Percy development.
Good recruit focus.
Strong action scenes.
Shows the fear of the staff, not just the recruits.
Cleared the direction of the overall arc.

Michael still looks like every other guy on TV.
No Amanda.
Touching on potential romance.

This show is clearly the best show of the Fall Releases. What I don’t understand is why GO!/GEM haven’t picked this up yet. Strong female characters on every level – great action – awesome plots – minority in lead role. With the rain continuing, get on the internets and pick up this show!


Review – Nikita – Rough Trade

I am sleek, hot and deadly.

This week:
Nikita plans to foil the nefarious ways of The Division. Nikita kicks butt. Michael chases her. Alex tries to help. Resolution.

Solid character development for Nikita, Alex and Michael.
Love some of the fight scenes – using an iron was very Jackie Chan.
Plot again wasn’t the standard “here is a mission that I am going to ruin” story.

Michael still looks like a cross between multiple males on tv.
Percy character skill needs work.
Not a lot of growth for the recruits.

I am liking this show more and more each week. I still think Maggie Q needs a sandwich – but the plot, characters, action, acting and direction makes it one of the better Fall Shows.