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Review – Stargate Universe – Visitation

Dear Santa. I would like a pony, a puppy, oh and not to die alone.

This week:
What a left behind has returned. Hope is dashed. Love makes hard decisions and a wish is made reality.

The nice little twist at the end.
The “something missing” effect.
Greer’s farewell to Chloe.

What happened last week seems to be forgotten.
A glimmer of hope once again smashed by the show (including buy in by audience of TJ’s baby)
Unnecessary pain and suffering.

For the love of pete, please do something with your minor characters. Volker is begging for a real story – he is probably the most interesting of the minor players and what I have seen of Patrick Gilmore’s acting here and in Riese, he could deliver something really strong, funny, interesting – anything! Or how about some more Vanessa James- I would even take more Brody (and yes while Kelamis is an Aussie – I don’t think his character is as interesting as Gilmore’s). We were going somewhere with James and then the wheels just fell off. The main characters are decidedly boring with only Greer and Eli still really engaging. Please!!!


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Review – SGU – Malice

Here little dinosaur creature...

This week:
Grief. Revenge thy name is dinosaur like creatures but your middle name is Rush.

It didn’t suck.
I did like Eli’s reaction.
The lines between right and wrong are redrawn yet again.

No more Gin.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever.
Still no minor character development (other than the two who just died).
Rush, bullet to head now please. Over this character – totally, well and truly over this character.
Scott, boy scout or girl guide?

Let's talk about HOPE!

Seriously is no one ever allowed to be happy on that bloody vessel? When is it going to be panto night? BEHIND YOU! Right now, they aren’t living or fighting for anything, just surviving, and that isn’t living. Every time there is a brief moment of happiness the clouds open and the floods begin again. On one level last night’s episode was a dark little romp, on the other it was incredibly frustrating. What they need is a Katara character to wax lyrically and bossily about hope a bit.

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Review – SGU – Trial and Error

Can we PLEASE get some minor character development?

This week:
Destiny plays silly buggars. Scott steps up. Eli gets lucky. Young almost grows a pair. Rush is very Rush.

Nice twist on a Stargate episode staple.
Less Rush.
Eli development.
Great CGU on the repeated scene – esp the last one with the wind and light on Young.

Chloe is still dull – hopefully not for too much longer.
Young. Hope the character finally improves.
Not nearly enough Lucian alliance.
Getting sick of saying this, but no minor character development.
No new planet again (last week doesn’t count).

A stronger episode – but certainly not approaching one of their bests. It was mostly solid, but another bad ep and I am putting SGU on notice.

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Update from Das Panda

Hi Panda fans.

Sorry I have been horrendously busy. I have a number of reviews in the “can” but not time to post. I will make an effort before I get swamped in BIFF stuff.

Tonight I am off to the Opening Night of BIFF, so hopefully by this time tomorrow there will be a good number of fresh reviews on Smallville, Nikita, Stargate Universe, Caprica and Hawai Five-0, Sushi Train and Freestyle Tout – not to mention Canetoads: A Conquest.

Oh and super congrats to Lun Lun on her new baby.
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Review – Stargate Universe – Cloverdale

You'd faint too if you had to deliver this dialogue.

This week:
Characters I don’t like are main players in stories told multiple times already in the Stargate franchise, only with the subtle retelling of a hammer on a date with an egg.

The arrangement at the end of the ep was ok, at least it wasn’t woefully depressing.
Mildly interesting outcome though entirely predictable from the first few moments of the ep.

Standalone ep in a series whose arc has stalled.
No minor character development.
Yet another hallucination story.
Colonel Young worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Stupid portrayal of women yet again.
No Lucian Alliance.
No new tech.
No real threat (like the main character is going to die…).
Didn’t realise how unattractive most of the cast were – dim lighting is quite flattering.

I am creating a whole new rating for this one – graphic will come over the weekend when I have time.

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Review – Stargate Universe – Pathogen

Bullet now please.

This week:
Be good and you can play! Mummy! Drink some more wine! Penis waving. A takeover. Sneakniness.

I did like the character development of the guest cast.
Interesting development within the Lucian Alliance.

Thoroughly predictable arc for Chloe.
Rush is still minus a bullet to the head.
Still no minor character development (I don’t include posturing).
Colonel Young – worst leader ever or worst leader ever.

This wasn’t a brilliant ep, but it was up on last week. There was one standout – piano music instead of a mournful guitar. There is now the feeling of something getting ready to bubble away in the background. Patience is a virtue that I am sorely lacking – like most pandas.


Review – Stargate Universe – Awakenings


Thanks for turning on the lights, you are tops!

This week:
Oh, what is that? BOOM. SWOOSH. Surprise. Flirt. BANG BANG BANG. Bubye.

Hang on, still thinking.
No really…
That Gate Assembly Room was cool.
Aliens were well imagined.

Same depression and loss, different day.
Rush is fully in prat mode.
Telford is still meh.
Young still needs to grow a pair.

I am all for the long con. I am all for grey, but really?
There was buzz that this episode would bring the action and tension back to SGU. I guess action = slowly walking through a set multiple times. Tension is all about the waiting for something to happen, well I am still waiting. There were so many missed opportunities for development but no cigar on any of them. I recognise that they are trying not to do the “I am Colonel Young on board this super wiz bang (falling apart) space craft boldly going where only aliens have gone before,” but enough already. I guess they are also trying to avoid the formula of last season – New Week, New Planet – but I can’t say it any better than Sydney Twitter @Skels’ summation of the feeling of the end of this episode:

Wonder who is going to die/get left behind/disappear/ascend next week? Can it be Rush? Bullet to the head would be awesome. kthnxbai


PS. Watch Rush be the hero and save the day next week just to make me look like a #sillypanda

Review – Stargate Universe – Aftermath



It is always brightest before the dark.



This week:
Deception. Survival. Illusion. Lies. Euthanasia. Loss

Emotional journey of Young.
No romance subplots.
Return to grey.
Lucian Alliance motivation.

Way too much Rush.
Telford remains “Meh.”

One of the things I really liked about SGU when it found its feet from “Time” onwards, are the layers of grey within each character. What makes you a good person? There are no white or black hats in this show. On either side of the divide there are reasons, good reasons, to make the choices you do, whether others agree with them or not. No one has a good day on Destiny – I would like to see a break from this formula or an episode focused on the minor characters. I think there is a lot of depth there that we are yet to plumb.


Review – Stargate Universe – Season 2 Premier – Intervention (3)


Just another bad day onboard Destiny


This week:
Destiny and its crew are in danger. The naughty people who dropped in unannounced are in danger. TJ has an experience. Chloe questions. A revelation opens all new questions.

Chloe development.
Rush having bigger balls than Young.
TJ’s revelation.

Felt skew-wiff  for almost all of the episode.
Varro development 0 surprise.
Telford was a bit meh.

After the frantic feel of the season cliff hanger, I found it hard to get into the rhythm of this episode with three story lines going on, one at a totally different pace. That being said, it ended strong and set up this season nicely. The choice of song for the close really transferred the emotion.


UPDATE: It seems that a lot of people have been searching for that great end song… so here it is via Patrick Gilmore’s Twitter account @patrickgilmore


song intervention SGU

Thanks Mr Gilmore