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Review – Vampire Diaries -Memory Lane


Damon Vampire Diaries - Memory Lane

How can both Elena AND Katherine pick Stefan over me???


This week:
Katherine declares her love. The object of her affections doesn’t care one little bit. Torture. Damon is all ironic, sulky and naughty. Attempted murder of the non-neck biting variety. Flashbacks.


More solid back-story to the love triangle.
Katherine is more than just a jealous snark.
Carolyn developing slowly.
Loved all the Puppy jokes.
Finally some decent Lockwood development.

Minuses: Donde estas Jeremy?
Really Stefan over Damon? Are you kidding me?

What will happen if Katherine stops putting waves/curls in her hair? How will we ever tell them apart? I am not “hanging” to find out what happens in Vampire Diaries – never really am – but it is a nice little romp with a solid arc… though I guess I just declared myself for Team Damon. Excuse me while I download some Justin Beiber and talk about boys. #shudder