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Review – Easy A

Hi there, I'm Olive and you all think I am a dirty skank.

After getting badly burnt by the Hangover, I was hesitant to journey into Easy A, but some friends who saw it at the movies (whose opinions I mostly agree with) told me that this was a surprisingly good film. And you know what? They were right.

Olive, through the medium of a webcast, decides to set the record straight of her decent into wantoness. Done in amusing chapters, she retells how one lie becomes another and another while trying to help people and the next thing you know you are getting paid for sex via a gift card in the carpark of a restuarant with a guy who you thought liked you.

Great script – the dialogue is very good – yes it suprised me too.
Cute idea well implemented.
Just enough Penn Badgley for him not to be annoying.
Great hat tips to the movies I grew up on.
The twists and turns and the lie upon lie.
The family scenes – hysterical. Made me wish I had a family like that – though as a teenager I would have been horrorified for thinking my family could be cool.
Ah Christians you crack me up – this was so stereotypical it was all I could do not to be outraged at myself for laughing.

Aly Michalka’s portrayal of Rhiannon – probably the weakest character.

This film takes a dark story and retells it with sarcasm, wit and a wry sense of humour. Emma Stone’s Olive was perfect. She captured the sense of the moment and the character. Her throwaway lines were the ones you always wished you had thout of. Easy A is actually something that I would want to watch again on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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Review – Smallville – Patriot

Script meeting: So we have Oliver Queen without a shirt? "Actually sir, we have him without a shirt for most of the episode." Good, good. Any chance we can get Clark shirtless? "No sir, but we have AquaMan with his shirt off, AquaMan's wife naked and Lois with a lot of cleavage." Good work team!.

This week:
The Vigilante Registration Act goes live and it is under the command of Col Tigh. Seems the cylons survived after all! Oli signs up. AC knows his past, gets captured. Clark tries to save the day and Lois gets into the group. Lots of mushy stuff.

The Silver Age is about to begin.
Nice tie ins back to the old Lex days.
Lois fighting for her man.
Oli being a guinea pig.
Lovey dovey stuff.
Great to see AC again.

Clark’s speech at the end lacked the passion that Lois’ had.
Still doesn’t feel like a cohesive unit.
The Omega symbol… really?

This season certainly took a while to find his feet, but it is finally here. This episode had everything. Overall arc, minor character return, not one, but two super heroes shirtless, and a cylon.

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Review – Smallville – Abandoned

Well of course I have krytonite in my blades. It is also in my breast implants.

This week:
Tess goes back to where it all began, and she had no clue what was coming (me either – nice twist!). Lois sticks her nose into Cal-El’s and Jor-El’s relationship in true Lois style. Clark gets his shirt off again. No Oli though shirtless this week (for a change) – in fact, no Oli.

Great backstory to Tess – especially after mini Lex told her how weak she was the other week.
Ohhh supervillan trio, huzzah!
DarkSide may be out of sight but is not forgotten.
Lois and her mum (nice HT to The Adventures of Lois and Clark by casting Terri Hatcher as her mum).
Tess’ real family.
Clark having some family time.

Super ninja girls with Kryptonite weapons – like you do.
Bit contrived – felt more cartoony that many episodes for a while.
No Oli.
I still think Granny Goodness is just a stupid arse name.

Overall this was a nice episode, that tied up some things and opened some new doors – it was all about threes. Lois, the General and her mum; Lois, Clark and Jor-El; Clark, Lois and his Dad; Clark, his Mum and his Dad; Tess, Granny and her real father and the Dark Trio. The only non-three was Clark and Tess – and as such I kept expecting Oli. I do look forward to our Dark Trio in coming weeks and hope Clark can stop moping around and step up. Even since Clark came out (so to speak) Lois has been the strong one in the relationship. A bit too fillerish and cartoony for me to truly love this ep, but still a nice little romp.

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Review – The Vampire Diaries – Katerina

Ms Double Standards is smitten.


This week:
Elena gets what might be the truth from Katherine. Elijah isn’t as gone as we thought. Lots of new info. Damon gets lucky. Katherine backstory. Jeremy gets cockblocked.

Caroline being the best friend she used to be again.
Katherine backstory.
Big Bad is back and a Bigger Bad is on the way.
New characters with their own webs.
New twists and turns.
Uber vamp powers activate!
Dobrev’s Katherine.

I think it is funny how I dised the early dismissal of Elijah – he really is a big bad, if not the biggest bad.
Didn’t feel any chemistry between Damon and Rose – but then it was just sex – for now.

Overall it was a smooth episode – just the right mix of tension, multiple story lines and backstory. This episode continues the theme that every African American in Mystic Falls is a witch/warlock. Katherine’s motivations, if they can be believed, make her much less one dimensional. Very nice indeed.

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Review – Vampire Diaries – Masquerade

Lucky I knew Elena wasn't coming, or your straightened hair would have confused me.

This week:
Yet another Founders’ Event. Team Elena decide to take down Team Katherine. Katherine makes a new puppy. Katherine is double crossed in her double cross. Elena doesn’t change her mind. Bonding of Caroline and Tyler over a secret. Katherine!

Elena sticking to her guns re Stefan.
The puppy making was great.
Caroline development – a real highlight of the ep.
Another awesome soundtrack.

Oh come on really? Elena, really? Where is your head.
How come who we thought would die didn’t die?
Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t they still in school – why are they never there anymore?
The last scene *snore*

Overall, still a very strong episode with some great resolutions to some stories and commencements of new ones. To be honest, I was neither surprised nor interested in the last moment of the show. It was a good idea to rebuild the suspense for our protagonist now that her nemesis has been temporarily iced (I so didn’t expect what they did to her), but felt a bit meh. I think it was just too fast, no build up from the previous scene. I don’t mind the plot device, even if it was obvious, but I think its implementation was lax.


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Review – Smallville – Isis (aka FINALLY)

We start the run to the end of Smallville with this kiss

This week:
Kat is back. Lois is possessed. Oli helps to save the day. Tess discovers unconditional love. Seeds are set!

Love the Tess arc at the moment – it is going to change the landscape!
Lois with a deep voice was kinda cool!
Clark and Oli – buddy cop! (or superheros I should say)
Green Arrow Girls!
The dialogue was good for Smallville.

Where to from here?
Still no Chloe.

At the end of this episode I actually said “Awwww” outloud. It was so cute – the expressions, the emotion – just Awwwww. It has taken 9.5 seasons but we are finally here. Now where to next?

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Review – Vampire Diaries – Plan B

Hi Bonnie. I know you think I am bad, but I am busy saving the day here.

This week:
Team Elena try and outsmart Team Katherine. Preparation for yet another Founders’ Event. Double cross. Trap! Murder most foul. Ego. Fall out.

Jeremy finding his stones and also his line in the sand.
Caroline and mum dynamic.
Damon was very Damon.
The well.
Stefan actually acted!
Plan B!

Bonnie is still one dimensional though they are trying.
Surprised they killed who they killed.
Whole week to wait!

This episode was just fantastic. Many of the arcs came to resolution this week – good, bad and heartbreakingly sad. I must admit I had  a tear in my eye for Caroline’s choice and actions. What has been set in motion is going to spill out into the town and shake up the lives of our favourite characters and those around them. Vampire Diaries is my bit of fun, but this episode changed my impression of the show. Plan B was amazing. Can’t wait for next week.


Review – Smallville – Homecoming (200th ep)

Smallville Homecoming Lois

I went here, damnit!

This week:
Its the 5 year reunion for Smallville High. Lois wants to go. Clark doesn’t really but does anyway. Oh hi there Brainiac. Time travel. Twee set ups. Clark realises he can trust Lois. Lois decides to tell Clark. Neither happens.

Was nice to see James Masters again.
Lois’ experience in her return was fun.

Bad acting.
Where was Pete?
Poor use of James Masters.
Lack of depth to the story.

This was a cute episode that helped Clark stop whining little a little emo.  The cute though wasn’t consistent – it was often cringe worthy. It could have been so much more. Sure, for the 200th ep you expect a little flashback, but it was lame flashback city. The forward flashes could have been so good, but they weren’t.  One word describes this ep – Filler.


Review – The Last Airbender

Like a cookie made with the wrong ingredients.

First up – I had never seen the show. Apparently I am the only person in the world who hasn’t according to some friends, but I thought it important to get that info out on the table.

Fire bad. Water good. Air better. Fluffy things fly. Chinese people play with dirt. Oh noes, lots of people are dead. Santa’s elves wear blue. Big battle. It doesn’t end.

The idea of the story is solid.
I liked that each tribe fought differently (and I don’t mean what they bend).
Some of the special effects were kinda cool.

Seemed like it was missing something.
Some acting was terrible!
Protagonist not overly likeable.
Supporting characters weren’t developed enough to click with me.

I was trying to think how to explain how I felt after watching this movie. It was like a really yummy biscuit recipe that had been made with the wrong ingredients, like margarine instead of butter. The basis of the story was great. The protagonist Aang was annoying. I didn’t like him at all. I felt the character of Zuko lacked depth, I mean they tried, but it came across as terribly one dimensional. I wanted to know what will happen, but not enough to go to the movies. It did pique my interest enough to log onto iTunes and buy the first series though. I am now 4 eps in, and I can see why people were so disappointed with the movie, already I can see what I should have seen in the movie with the characters. I look forward to adventuring in animated form with Aang and co. I will review each series when I am done.