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Review – Covert Affairs – Season Finale – When the levee breaks

The truth is complicated.

This week:
There is a mission. Annie isn’t ready but is in it anyway. Flashbacks: Annie with Ben. Case solved (was it even really a case?). Cliff hanger.

Location stuff.
Augie being his pragmatic self.
Baily’s acting (Ben Mercer even if the character is still a blank slate).
Mercer and Walker Buddy Cop!

Not really a case to solve.
Going through the motions.
Lack of surprise as to Hern’s source.
Hard to empathise with Mercer as so little backstory.

Look, it was still an enjoyable romp, but after so much build up to Ben Mercer and Annie Walker – I found it hard to “get” Mercer given we still know so little about him. I thought it somewhat amusing that Walker was expressing my thoughts. I will be very disappointed if the dynamics change next season, and I am not sure that the writers have given themselves anywhere to go giving away one of the subplots (no mystery now).