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Why you should watch Warehouse 13


Warehouse 13 - Watch it or get boxed!


In a break from my normal style of reviews, I to want address this little gem of a show.

Warehouse 13 has just started on Free To Air TV here in Australia. If you missed the pilot (don’t worry) but even if you did watch the pilot, you may be wondering why you should watch. Don’t worry. I get that. I was “pushed” to watch. I even doubted why I should go back after the pilot, but I was told it would be worth it, and it was.

Let me explain.

One of the greatest charms about this show is how it never takes itself seriously. They know they are doing silly things, telling crazy stories, acting infront of green screens and often that their special effects are hokey as all heck. They poke fun at themselves, plots and items regularly – and the banter between the two main characters, Myka and Pete – is classic. Eddie McClintock’s Pete is certainly the most enjoyable character on the show and it certainly seems like he has a blast playing the role. It is also probably why this Sci-Fi show has a whopping 40% female audience base!

Minor characters are slowly developed in this show, but when they do come to the fore it is worth the wait. Mrs Frederic and Claudia are great examples. Claudia is one of the best reasons to get invested and watch this show. Allison Scagliotti’s acting, the character’s storyline, humour and her progression through the Warehouse is one of the show’s strengths. Season Two comes with a brand new baddie, one that is awesome. The way that Jane Espenson takes a well known story, event in history or fable and turns it on its head is just brilliant.

Warehouse 13 is a rollicking good yarn for 40 minutes with some laughs, suspense, embarrassing moments and crazy antics on the way to solving the case of the week.

Why wouldn’t you watch?