Why Do Pandas Rate Stuff

I assume there isn’t much else to do when they are done with eating bamboo, sleeping and being cute.

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4 responses to “Why Do Pandas Rate Stuff

  • Eliza Jane Bennett

    Hello Miss Panda
    Thought your article on CityCycle was well balanced and an excellent. I have only had 4 journeys myself so far, but have enjoyed the experience immensely. Well done LM Kando.

    A year ago today, I left Brisbane to head to Sydney, because of Kando’s decision to install his illegal parking meters throughout Teneriffe (they are still in breach of Privacy Regulations).

    I am now back, live in Ascot but am now tempted to move back to the reef because of the Sex and the CityCycles. It’s a lot of fun, cheap, convenient and a smarter more healthier way to travel. 5 star company. I even left my helmet at Station 69 in Teneriffe by accident and the field support team where that good, that they returned my bright yellow free helmet back to me at my place of work before I even realised it was missing!! JCDecaux must have some excellent support systems to enable to do this. Or smart employees.

    I have found the field guys, the call centre team really helpful and friendly and even though sometimes they may not know the answer straight away, they get back to you very quickly and sort out your issues.

    I particularly like the guys in the field, a few of them are really cute especially the french ones.

    TENERIFFE LADIES CLUB (TLC) …. It’s teneriffic!!

  • howmanypandas


    As a reader who saw your comment tweeted “great comment. How long before “sex and city cycles” appears in a real estate ad for Teneriffe?”

  • catherine

    Hi Panda,

    I really like your blog- I don’t know why I haven’t found it till now. I am a fellow New Farmer and Citycycler- have been on the yellow bikes almost every day since the second week it started. Have had one unrideable bike and a few with dodgy gears, nothing major. There has been only one morning so far that my closest stop hasn’t had a bike waiting for me. Of course, most of the downsides you mention in your pieces are things I can relate to. The fact it stops at 10pm is what annoys me most. Overall, though, it’s better – and more popular – than I expected.

    New Farm has also exceeded my expectations! I’ve been living here for 7 months now, and I love it. Never want to leave.

    Keep up the awesome work!!

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