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Another BSG Spin Off!

I still can't see him without remembering that awful pre-Fall drinking binge.

If you don’t follow the awesome Jace via @televisionary (who also writes for @thedailybeast FYI) you won’t have seen this yet.

Blood and Chrome is being pushed from a webseries into a pilot as a the lead for a new BSG series.

Caprica’s speed (or lack of it) and day to day routine life on Caprica has failed to inspire many viewers who want to see vipers pew pew pewing in space.

Blood and Chrome is a young Adama (post tween as he is in Caprica) as an Ensign at the start of the Cylon war.

The writing is on the wall in New Cap City it seems. I just hope we get some resolution.

Click the pic of a non-spewing Adama to read the whole story by Jace.


Terrible news for Nikita fans!

Apparently being armed, sexy and hella dangerous isn't enough - seems I need a man to make my life complete.

Michael Aussiello of the Aussiello Files has dropped a scoop that makes me shudder.

I have oft said that one of the best qualities of Nikita is that the strong female protagonist  isn’t tripping over romantic story lines.

Apparently the CW doesn’t agree, so they are going to add a little spice to Nikita’s love life… because obviously a strong woman with vengeance on her mind needs to fall in love and have a strong stable male behind her.

I say Boooo now, but who knows… I might still like it – but right now I am concerned as to the future of the show – though if what Aussiello says is true, the future of the show is in doubt if they don’t.

Read the full story by clicking on the hot pic of Maggie Q.